North Carolina Box


Tucked alongside the Atlantic Ocean, where the cultures of north and south meet, lies North Carolina, an ideal representative of the melting pot that is our America.

Discover our America's newest box comes filled with products that we feel perfectly represent the Tar Heel State. We think you'll enjoy what's inside.

  • Butterfields Candy Peach Buds: Butterfields's line of hard candies have been mysteriously disappearing from candy jars since 1924 and their peach buds are usually first to go. Peach is, after all, the confectioner's signature flavor.

  • Jim's Own BBQ Sauce: When it comes to BBQ in North Carolina, you have two options: Eastern-style, or Lexington-style. The main difference between the two is that Lexington-style is seasoned with ketchup, while Eastern-style uses no tomato in its sauces. We proudly bring to you a fine example of Lexington-style BBQ sauce with Jim's Own. This sauce will match perfectly with any meat, seafood or even vegetable dish.

  • Chapel Hill Toffee: What originally began as a hobby for Karen Graves eventually turned into a product that is currently sold in over 300 retail locations. Chapel Hill Toffee, founded in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, starts as traditional English toffee before being coated with a secret blend of dark chocolates. To add to what would already be a delicious treat, pecans are sprinkled on top to help give this treat a real southern touch.

  • Chad's Carolina Mix Gourmet Corn: The business model of Chad's Carolina Corn is fairly straightforward: Make the best popcorn in the world. And while we won't jump to any rash conclusions, their Carolina Mix popcorn could stand up to some of the best offerings from a particular Midwestern "Windy City."

  • Cackalacky Sweet Cheerwine Sauce: Not quite a BBQ sauce, and not quite a hot sauce, Cackalacky Spice Sauce has been taking North Carolina's pantries by storm. Now, with what their creators refer to as a "legendary handshake between lively Southern food and drink," Cackalacky Sweet Cheerwine Sauce brings the beloved North Carolinian soft drink Cheerwine to be enjoyed in a whole new light.

  • North Carolina Booklet: Packed with tons of fun information and stunning photography, you and your family will enjoy learning new things about the history, culture, geography, weather, industry and ways of life in North Carolina.

  • What's Inside Guide: Enjoy a handheld guide of everything included in your North Carolina box, including a more in-depth overview of the products we selected as well as recommended ways to enjoy them.