Pennsylvania Box


Pennsylvania, a state rich in both history and uniqueness, played a crucial role in developing our nation during times of peace and times of war. It also happens to be the home of some of the world's largest food manufacturers, such as Hershey's and Heinz.

Discover our America would like to introduce you and your family to some of the lesser known (but just as good) treats and snacks that the Keystone state has to offer.

  • Homesweet Homegrown Orange Crush Hot Sauce: When Robyn Jasko accidentally planted too many hot peppers, she knew that she needed a new way of using them. She decided on making hot sauces and soon saw her inventory quickly sell out at local farmer's markets. Flash forward a few years later and Homesweet Homegrown is now one of Pennsylvania's hottest selling food products. Their Orange Crush Hot Sauce features Carribean Red habanero peppers that are mellowed out with organic carrots and juices.

  • Buffalo Bill's Venison Jerkey Strips: Anyone from Pennsylvania can tell you that venison is one of the most popular meats in the state. The next best thing to a freshly harvested venison comes in the form of jerkey. Enjoy a piece of farm raised venison from Buffalo Bills. If you've never tried venison before, you're in for a delicious surprise.

  • Asher's Chocolate Covered Pretzels: Although not the most popular name in chocolate in Pennsylvania, Asher's has been proudly making chocolate since 1892. They are a proud, four generation family business that has been using the same recipe for over 100 years. Their chocolate covered pretzels are perfect for anyone craving a treat that is a little salty and a little sweet

  • Betsy Lantz Hot Sweet Mustard: Like so many of the products that Discover our America brings to you, Betsy Lantz's Hot Sweet Mustard began when her homemade creation begged to be sold. To this day, Betsy Lantz's mustards are handmade in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Her hot sweet dipping mustard is one of her best selling items and pairs perfectly with pretzels and cheese.

  • Miller's Maple Leaf Maple Syrup: The northeastern U.S. features endless acres of land filled with beautiful maple trees. Pennsylvania is no stranger to housing these beautiful and robust trees, and Miller's Maple Products is proud to bring 100% pure maple syrup to the masses. Their products are completely natural and feature no flavorings, preservatives or additives and are minimally processed.

  • Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer: The Pennsylvania Dutch Company would like to know if you "Dare to go Dutch..." While their signature Birch Beer drink contains no alcohol, it has been enjoyed by countless soda enthusiasts for over 70 years. Its taste can be compared to that of Root Beer, but is richer and creamier with slight touch of wintergreen to make it simply irresistible.

  • Bauman's Family Apple Butter: The Bauman family's food history begins in 1892 when John W. Bauman began cooking apple butter (a concentrated paste of spiced apples) for farmers in his community. The love of their apple butter has since then spread to all corners of America. And while they have expanded their "butter" offerings to over 10 different varieties, their apple butter remains as their most popular item.

  • Pennsylvania Booklet: Filled with a ton of fun information and stunning photography, you and your family will enjoy learning new things about the history, culture, geography, weather, industry and ways of life in Pennsylvania.

  • What's Inside Guide: Enjoy a handheld guide of everything included in your Pennsylvania box, including a more in-depth overview of the products we've selected as well as recommended ways to enjoy them.